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High school can feel overwhelming for even the most confident and accomplished students, but your student doesn't have to go through it alone! With my support, they can gain confidence, engage actively in their classes, and perform to their full potential. I offer engaged, dedicated, dynamic tutoring in English, literature, history, writing, and research.


When it's time for your student to begin the college search, I can support them through the entire process. My students follow a timeline tailored to their needs so they stay on track and make their deadlines. I provide empowering help focused on finding the schools that are their best matches academically, socially, and financially. Depending on their needs, I can manage all phases of the process, from identifying target schools to helping them craft their unique personal statement, freeing them to enjoy an organized, exciting search. By move-in day, they will be ready and eager to take the next step at a school matched to their skills, interests, and ambitions.

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