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College Counseling


When it's time for your student to begin the college search, I can provide comprehensive services to find the schools that are their best matches academically, socially, and financially. Depending on family and student needs, I can act as project manager through all phases of the process, from creating the college list, to helping students craft their unique personal statement, to clicking the "submit" button. I can also help with the essay only.


With this support, my students are free to enjoy an organized, exciting search.


By move-in day, they will be ready and eager to take the next step at a school where they will thrive.  


In a meeting or two in late spring of junior year, we can go over class choices and summer opportunities to ensure your student makes the most of senior year.

We will focus on the student’s dreams and goals, considering educational interests, prior academic performance, accomplishments, skills and abilities, financial and geographic considerations.


Together, we will establish a framework for the college search.


Students write their personal statements over the summer before senior year, the goal being to have it finished before school starts.


Research on colleges begins with self-assessments leading to a draft school list, typically including 15-18 schools, from which the final list will come by the end of the summer. During this process, students explore their strengths and goals, and begin to identify their target schools by factors like location, size, competitiveness, programs, and core curriculum.


By the end of August, students will have completed the Common App (and similar applications), their personal statement, and the final list of 8-10 schools to which they will apply.


In September, October, and November, important decisions are made: to which schools (if any) will the student submit SAT or ACT scores? To which schools will the student apply early decision or early action? Which teachers should be asked for letters of recommendation? Which schools can be visited before applying? During this time, students complete supplementary essays in time to meet the November deadlines for early decision and early action schools, and the regular decision deadlines that follow shortly thereafter in January.

I will review every detail and ensure that your student presents a well-crafted application that reflects their gifts, personality, and voice.


Students now have a big choice to make! They have attended Zoom information sessions, talked to admissions officers, and visited schools. They have celebrated all their acceptances. Now, it is time to decide which school will be the best fit. Where will they thrive? Which school affords the most opportunity? What makes the most sense financially?


I work closely with families to lay out the pros and cons until the decision is made.

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