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High school can feel overwhelming for even the most confident and accomplished students, but your student doesn't have to go through it alone! With my support, they can gain confidence, engage actively in their classes, and perform to their full potential. As they develop these skills, students improve their confidence and self-esteem. I share my love of learning to create a collaborative, student-centric experience.


Because it offers individualized, structured learning opportunities, tutoring improves students’ engagement with their courses. It helps students go beyond mastery of course materials to achieve proficiency and deep understanding. Along the way, it improves the student’s attitude to learning in general. My students develop their critical thinking and writing skills and use them across all their courses with confidence. I can also help students identify their preferred learning style and develop more effective study habits and time management skills.

I provide engaged, dedicated tutoring in English, literature, history, writing, and research.


Options include face-to-face tutoring, online tutoring, and small study groups.

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