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"Karen is the only tutor I have kept for multiple years starting in middle school! Considering that I am now a Political Science major at Penn State and still using her services really speaks to her wide range of skills as well as her adaptability to each student's writing and planning. Karen is your last stop when looking for excellent mentorship from among the most elite within the education field."

- Patrick K., student

"Karen was truly amazing. She worked with my daughter in three capacities. She helped her select the right schools – and recommended a few that my daughter had never thought of. She helped my daughter with her essay for the Common App and countless supplements – and acted as a sounding board to help flesh-out what my daughter was trying to say so it was more to the point. Lastly, Karen helped my daughter keep the trains running on time - and meet all of her deadlines for early action. In the end, the results speak for themselves – my daughter has been accepted to seven schools so far including one that was a reach. Karen is easy to work with and a true pro. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat."

- David A., parent

“My daughter had no idea where to begin on her admissions essay. We tried a few different tutors but really didn’t get the kind of help we needed. 


Karen was a ray of light! She is organized, patient, and knows exactly what colleges are looking for. She inspired my daughter to write a terrific essay and consulted on every aspect of the application.”

- Jennifer M., parent

"Karen worked with my daughter on her college applications during her senior year in high school. Karen brought a calmness to a stressful period in her application process. She was knowledgeable about not only schools, but also the current environment in admissions. She would consult her network to lend additional insight, as necessary. She provided excellent resources and spent time organizing, prioritizing, and researching schools and majors with my daughter. In addition, she gave us a well-documented spreadsheet with data on majors, cost, deadlines, etc. that we used to guide our college activity. She was excellent in her ability to focus, strategize, and help my daughter meet deadlines. She is well-spoken, well-written and an excellent balance of encouragement and motivation. Without her, my daughter would not have been able to get her applications done and in on time! My daughter found her presence calming, yet inspirational, and she looked forward to meeting with her. My daughter felt that Karen was dedicated to each student in her hard work and efforts, and that she worked hard both in sessions and outside of them to keep her engaged and on track. I would highly recommend her!"

--Kate M., parent

"Knowledgeable, student-focused, engaging . . . Karen is a 5-star tutor and college counselor who is truly student-centric in all she does.


We have had the pleasure of working with Karen over the last 6 years and she has helped our three children significantly improve their English writing and presentation skills.


Karen’s manner of teaching is wonderful and refreshing!! She's patient and supportive, but really knows how to motivate her students. She's great at building confidence and keeping lessons fun and engaging through a variety of activities that improve conversation, writing, and reading skills.


In addition, Karen has an in-depth understanding of the college application process and has been invaluable to our two oldest children in narrowing down their application choices and supporting them throughout interviews, essay writing, and more. Both got accepted to their top college choices. We highly recommend Karen."

- Anders L., parent

"Karen has gone above and beyond with assisting my son with his college applications. Her wealth of knowledge and skills, sound advice, and calming presence motivated my son to stay on task and get it done with pride. I watched his anxiety turn into confidence and excitement. She made sure she got to know and understand him so that her advice and suggestions matched his needs perfectly! She continues to guide and encourage him through acceptances, decision-making, and planning ahead. The relief and confidence I felt as a parent having her take the wheel throughout this process was an amazing and unexpected "gift"! We are truly grateful for her support and all that she has done. I would recommend her without hesitation."

- Alison B., parent

I started my college process as a high school senior with no clue what steps to take. Once I started working with Karen, everything seemed to fall into place. Through an organized and persistent schedule (and lots of spreadsheets), she and I attained all my goals and beyond. I am now a student at my top school, Rhodes College, and have a relationship with an educational professional to last a lifetime.

- Jake S., student

"Karen has AMAZING passion and skills to bring out the best in your child and help them on their journey to academic success. She is exceptionally conscientious, diligent, and mindful as she guides students forward."

- Carrie W., tutor

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